The Tantric Massage

Tantra Massage in Glasgow

The Tantric massage itself, is an all over body stroking, with no kneading of the muscles or deep tissue. It is soft and gentle, calming and relaxing, yet also stimulating and exciting. Imagine my hands moving up and down your warm naked body, like the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore, or the gentle breeze moving the corn in the fields.

Sometimes the touch is so gentle that the tiny hairs on your body will almost reach out to touch my hands. I will heighten all your senses as your nerve endings tingle all over your body. I will heighten your places of pleasure that you had forgotten existed. This will be your first step in pleasure training, and the finale to this sensual massage will be a couple of walks up "The horny mountain" ending in what we hope will be an exaggerated orgasm.

The full body massage is more like a form of body worship, after a small amount of relaxation breathing, you will be asked to lie on a bed to simply relax. I will slowly begin to stroke and caress you all over, with my hands, and through the healing power of touch, I will take you out of the "think -and do" and into the "relax and- feel". You will feel yourself slowly melting under my hands and your breathing deepen as you drift away into a near state of unconsciousness.